About the Artist – Randy Perez | Official Site

Randy Perez (b. 1990) iis a versatile multimedia artist known for his diverse body of work blending cultural inspirations. His artistic journey has been shaped by his exploration of the equestrian world, drawing from rich experiences to capture the essence of rodeos, polo, horse racing, and farming. Through vibrant paintings and dynamic compositions, Randy invites viewers to share in the universal connection between humans and horses—a bond that transcends borders and social divides.

Inspired by diverse landscapes and cultural traditions, Randy seamlessly blends influences in his art, reflecting a journey rich in experiences from the Midwest to Mexico and Los Angeles. Each piece captures vibrant colors, intricate textures, and compelling narratives, expressing Randy's deep connection with the world and driving him to explore new avenues of expression.

Establishing himself as a creative force, Randy has garnered attention for his innovative designs and earned the trust of a notable clientele. His dedication to refining his skills is evident in each piece, showcasing a commitment to artistic growth.