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Uuuntld is a canvas outside the canvas itself, a space where ideas are expressed and expanded upon freely. As an artist, inspiration is drawn from a multitude of sources: colors, silhouettes, shapes, images all merging seamlessly. It's akin to sculpting with another medium, where every element intertwines effortlessly.

Digging through old photos uncovers a wealth of inspiration, particularly in the way people dress or certain objects are portrayed. These inspirations are integrated into Uuuntld, forming a symbiotic relationship where art inspires clothing and vice versa. This cycle even extends to photography, enriching the creative process.

The traditional divide between artist and designer often results in compromises in the quality of merchandise. However, with Uuuntld, that boundary dissolves. Here, the artist becomes the designer, ensuring that each piece upholds the integrity and essence of the art it represents.